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Endless Mountains Archery SignJeff Scavazzo & Lorraine Clune established Endless Mountains Archery in 1993.

The retail store/pro shop was located in the same building with our meat processing in the lower building which currently houses our dedicated meat processing plant. Shortly after opening we soon realized our business was destined for success by the growing numbers of customers and increasing demand for our products and services.

As the number of Endless Mountains Archery customers quickly grew, it was obvious something was missing. Our team was providing hunter education, excelling in sales and servicing of equipment and our hunters were realizing the benefits of these services while on the hunt.

In 1994 we started processing deer under the name of Jeff Scavazzo's Deer Processing to provide our customers with the added service of processing their meat. During our first season Jeff Scavazzo's Deer Processing processed a total of 77 deer.

Word of our cost effective processing rates, exceptional customer service and quality products spread through the region and the next year, we had a 320% increase in deer processing with 243 deer passing through our doors. In 1995 we purchased a state of the art smokehouse and started offering the hunters smoked products.

In 1996 an adjacent building became available. The retail store was moved to this new physical space and a small indoor range set up for our customers to use and allow us the ability to further assist them with the set up and instruction on their new bows.

This move allowed us to further expand the meat processing plant to meet the continually growing demand for meat processing services.

Indoor Range

In 1998 we added an additional 3400 square feet to the archery shop and range area. This allowed us to not only increase the size of our retail store, but also install a 30 yard indoor 3D range.

In 2002 we processed over 1000 deer. To again meet the demand for our services, we again expanded the meat processing plant by ten times its original size.

Today we continue to maintain and operate our 2300 sqft retail store, including a 3400 sqft indoor range with multiple 30 yard shooting lanes and the full service meat processing plant.

Our company has been built on the premise of delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

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